An Emoji is Worth 160 Characters – Increase App Engagement with Emojis

Emoji - Hear No Evil

If you text, tweet, or IM with anyone between the ages of 11 and 24, you know they don’t just use letters anymore. These cute little characters that started out as emoticons (using regular ACII characters you see on your keyboard), are now full scale hilarious images that provide more meaning and personality, and often […]

The Most Productive Time You’ll Ever Spend

Get Up Early, Feel Like Superman

5:45am. Starting Tomorrow. I’ve been experimenting with different work schedules to get the most out of the limited time I have to make progress on my side work. Whether it’s mobile app development, conducting research, or writing, there is always work to be done. By far, the one thing that has made the most difference […]

Waiting to Develop for Apple Watch? Why Now is the Time to Jump In

Is Apple Watch Getting Ready to Cross the Chasm?

Many app publishers have been holding out on developing apps for the Apple Watch, for good reasons. There was little access to the watch itself, much less an SDK for it. People weren’t sure how it was going to be used. And the apps themselves could only be extensions of iPhone apps. As a result, […]