Use These iOS 9 Search APIs to Increase App Exposure and Engagement

iOS 9 Search APIs

iOS 9 will be released on September 9, and with it comes exciting updates to the search APIs that app publishers can leverage to increase app downloads and engagement. Specifically, the search APIs you need to know about are NUserActivity, CoreSpotlight, and Web Markup. In today’s post, we’ll cover what these search APIs are, and […]

What are You Doing to Get Ready for Apple WatchOS 2?

Apple Watch Complications

Back in June, I argued that it was time to start developing for the Apple Watch. With the latest Beta release of Apple Watch OS2, I hope you heeded this advice and started your Watch App project. In today’s post, I will highlight the most useful new features that you can use to help your […]

How to Get a Mobile Development Job, Part 3 – Master the Interview

Master your mobile app development interview

Interviewing for a mobile app developer position can be stressful. It’s a competitive, fast paced industry with many smart candidates vying for the same position. Today’s post, the third in a series on how to get a mobile development job, will walk through the critical steps and tips you need to follow to maximize your […]

Video: How to Generate App Ideas for 2015

Video on Generating Mobile App Ideas in 2015

Many of us struggle with coming up with new app ideas. Did you know that virtually any app can be traced back to one of four critical concepts? For this week, I prepared a video that reviews those four concepts, and walks through how you can use them to come up with plenty of app […]