How to Get a Mobile Development Job, Part 2 – Preparing for the Job Search

Mobile Dev Job Search Part 2

When trying to land a mobile app developer position, most people make the same mistake. They simply post their resume to all the job boards they can think of, and then wait to be contacted. What?! This drives me crazy because they are literally leaving their future to chance. In today’s post, I am going […]

How to Get a Mobile Development Job, Part I – Mindset

How to Get a Mobile Development Job

You’re a mobile app developer, and you’re looking for that great paying mobile dev job to help you pay the bills and save a little, so that you can build your own app portfolio on the side. By any measure, now is a great time to be in the mobile app industry. Some would even […]

Be the One

Be The One to execute on your app ideas (not just talk about them).

I was at an end-of-season soccer party for my daughter’s team last Friday night, and it happened again. One of the other dads there (I’ll call him Larry) knows I am in the mobile app space, and so he does one of the most predictable things that many of us experience all the time. Larry […]

Why Google Says You Need a Website to go With Your Mobile App

Your website is a door to your mobile app content

If you are publishing mobile apps without a website, you’re behind the app marketing curve (and getting further behind every day). Even Google says so. Today’s post will show you why it’s even more important now to have your own website to go along with your app. And we’ve talked about app deep linking in […]