Can You Answer these App Store Questions?

iPhone App Store

Do you want to make money from your mobile apps? If so, you need to do your homework. You need to read about what’s working, and understand how you can apply that to your niche. The funny thing is, there are plenty of opportunities to see what is working in the app stores. You just […]

Why Mobile Web Apps will Overtake Native Apps

Mobile Web Apps vs Native Apps

There are several posts out there declaring the death of the mobile web. The refrains are popular. “Apple and Google have invested too much in their platforms to move away from them”. “Native apps have clearly won.” “It’s over. Focus on iOS and Android.” That opinion is both short-sighted and wrong, and the signs to […]

The Holidays are Coming (Make them Count)

Holiday Calendar 2014

The holiday season is almost here. Are you ready to use that time to make progress on your mobile apps? Most of us are constantly busy with our weekly routines of work and family obligations, and the holiday season is that rare time of year when we have time to catch up on our true […]

4 Money Making iOS App Tips that Work Today

In App Purchases - can you guess the app?

Anyone can publish an iOS app. The problem is, most first-time app publishers do not take the time and effort to implement the best money making techniques to make the most of their efforts. It’s unfortunate, because these same publishers have worked hard and completed the most difficult part – building the app itself. You […]