How to Put Design First in Your Mobile App

How's this for design?

I used to think graphic design was a nice afterthought. “The real work is to create something tangible that actually functions”, I used to think. Making the thing look pretty was just something to be done at the end, and had little impact. I was dead wrong. Over the years, I have come to realize […]

11 App Ideas for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24th, just in time for graduation gift season. Are you ready to take advantage? If you have not gotten around to getting an app built for the Watch, there’s still time to benefit from it, but you’ll need to move quickly. The first thing you’ll need is […]

Android Developer Interview Questions and Answers – Revised and Updated

Android Developer Questions and Answers

One of our most popular posts is the 11 Essential Android Developer Interview Questions and Answers. I’ve worked pretty hard over the years to make sure what I provide is valuable. So with that in mind, I decided to refresh that information that so many of you come to see. First, I fleshed out the […]

7 Apple Watch Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Apple Watch Interview Questions

App developers everywhere are getting ready for a potential gold rush with the launch of another consumer product from the company with the Midas touch. CEO Tim Cook has said the Apple Watch will officially launch in April. There is a lot of guessing as to when in April that will be. Whatever that date […]