Generate Better App Ideas through Mind Mapping (Video)

Mobile App Ideas through Mind Mapping

The number one question I get from our readers is about how to find good app ideas. One of my favorite creative practices for this is mind mapping. Today’s post is a video where we walk through the process of creating a mind map, and how to use it to find your next great mobile […]

Why You Don’t Have to go with the Freemium Crowd

Google Play Apps

Do you know how many paid apps there are in the top 200 grossing Android apps on Google Play? 25? Lower. 10? Lower. 5? Nope. The answer is 3. That’s right. Out of the 200 Android apps making the most money, only three of them are paid apps. Specifically, the three paid Android apps in […]

Save Time and Money by Getting Your App Artwork Completed Before Development

Avoid rework for your mobile app

Are you thinking about outsourcing your app development? Did you know the order in which you get the work done matters? It matters a lot. Today’s post helps you minimize costly development hours by getting the right steps done before development even starts. The result will be: clear communication up front with your developer faster […]