7 Apple Watch Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Apple Watch Interview Questions

App developers everywhere are getting ready for a potential gold rush with the launch of another consumer product from the company with the Midas touch. CEO Tim Cook has said the Apple Watch will officially launch in April. There is a lot of guessing as to when in April that will be. Whatever that date […]

What Your App Developer Wants from You (and how to give it to them)

It’s stupid. We think people we’ve never met before will understand the details of our app idea. Here’s what happens. We app publishers will give a developer the overall idea for our app, what we want the user to be able to do, and maybe a few of our favorite colors. If we’re above average, […]

iOS Development Experts You Should be Following Today

There are so many pieces and parts involved with mobile app publishing, nobody can proclaim to master them all. I certainly don’t. That is why it’s important to follow multiple people to get their perspective on the specific area they are focused on. In this week’s post, I’m providing a very brief list of selected […]

How to Give Yourself an Unfair Advantage Publishing Mobile Apps

Unfair Advantage - Stingray Swimmer

If you’re like a lot of people who are just starting out with apps, you might have heard yourself mutter any of the following: “The App Store is rigged for the big boys.” “There’s no way we can catch Clash of Clans.” First, set reasonable goals. Target one specific set of people. One niche. That […]