How Deep Linking Will Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

How Deep Linking Helps Your Mobile Apps

Did you ever look back and wish you had taken advantage of a movement you could feel happening at the time, but just never got around to taking action? Don’t let that happen with deep linking. This week’s post is a tactical tip that you can start implementing today to improve your exposure and increase […]

Your Facebook Status Won’t Ship Your Mobile Apps

Stop Reading Headlines

It’s easy to spend hours upon hours soaking in every article we can find about iOS 8 or Google TV. Or simply monitoring the latest tech news coming out of the big tech blogs. Heck, some of us even monitor live blogging from Google I/O or Apple’s WWDC. We all do it. The difficulty is […]

3 Ways to Increase Your Income from Mobile Apps

Paid app TweetBot 3

When most people hear that someone has published mobile apps, they first ask the name of it, and then maybe how many downloads it has. If it’s not a game, they may show little interest beyond that. Serious app publishers know it’s not important whether a stranger is impressed with their apps. What’s important is […]