Google Upgrades Search UI for iPads, Tablets

Google released an update to their search UI specifically for tablets last Friday, and MobileMammoth approves.

The user experience on iPads and other tablets, and specifically the ‘touch’ experience that causes issues for some of us, is quite different from both PCs and smartphones, and Google recognizes this. They obviously also recognize the huge surge in iPad users and need to cater to that audience as well, but it’s good to see that Google does not seem anywhere near resting on it’s laurels in search.

For pure web searching, this is another reason Google will be that much harder to ‘touch’ anytime soon.


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    Find with the update, but it is far too much junk ads that come up first and not the accuracy I want. Google has gone too far in ad sales and miss the whole point of the SERP results.

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    I would wait for more people to review it, I wouldn’t recommend buying a phone after it’s been released. It might be horrible and fall into pieces! Haha, worse case scenario much? But seriously, I would wait until people begin to review the phone, if they haven’t already and do a little research before hand.