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CNBC Mobile Amazon EA Mobile Games
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What is this?

This is a curated directory of top mobile websites categorized by topic. This is meant to be a handy reference of the absolute best mobile websites in each category. We also post some of the new and interesting mobile websites on occassion, though they only last if they are worthy.

This is NOT the biggest mobile directory. Only the best.

Does each link in this mobile directory go specifically to the mobile version of the website?

When possible, yes. The majority of sites in this mobile directory link directly to the mobile version of the site. A smaller number are considered mobile applications or mobile services, and in these cases the link will take you to a regular web page with information about how to download the mobile app or use the mobile service. Finally, there are a few (including that render correctly on a mobile device, even though the URL is the same.

Can I get my site added to this directory?

Yes. The fastest way to be included on this page by paying to include a sponsored site. (We get lots of requests to add sites to our core directory, but we only accept about 3% of those).

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