Mobile Taxi Cab Finder Does Not Impress

I was interested to look into this mobile website that reports to provide a list of local cabs based on the metro area selected. In fact, here’s the text from their about page: allows you to search for a taxi or minicab service from your mobile phone.

You can get the name, address & telephone number of reputable cab services from almost all areas of the United Kingdom, USA & Canada. Just click the telephone number to call.

Technically, the site does indeed take you to a page that displays that information. So they are not lying. However, they do nothing to ensure that the listing is up to date, or that the cab services are, in their words, “reputable”. That’s because they forward the user off of their site altogether to a Google search results page.

So unless you like to view ads, their is very little, if any, value to this site. To get the exact same results, an alternative is to go to Google Local search for mobile, and search for the phrase “local taxis cityname”.

Go check it out for yourself and tell me if I’m crazy.

Mobile Website:


  1. tatt2chick says

    you’re definately not crazy. 411 is better than this. i might even do something crazy, like just look in the yellow pages!

  2. Brian says

    That is pretty lame. And this tool could be so useful! Think of how many people need taxi rides home from the bar at night, I could see something like this getting a lot of use. Maybe another site will come along and save the day, I sure hope so.

  3. Bill says

    Well, I’ll disagree with the other posters or at least temper their disapproval as I think that little mobile (mobi) website is a pretty decent attempt or starting point – considering this is a very brand new mobile web space.

    The vast majority of websites no matter what the domain extension draw their info from many of the same databases which are all in constant flux and in need of updating. Even the largest phone number and address directories can not be truly up to date as this type of information changes daily. The fluidity of our society has its many pros and this is one of the little cons I guess.

    There are large corporate websites, small and medium business websites, and privately owned websites. All have their level of resources (time and money) to work with. The best thing IMHO is that there is a wide variety of domain name owners from big to small. That will bring a lot of different viewpoints and creativity to the mix, ultimately making it a more interesting online world … and in this case a handheld online world.

    Made-for-mobile websites are great for getting bites of information quickly. For example I use as much as I do even from my desktop PC.

    I really look forward to the continued buildout of the mobile web and that includes both large and small .mobi websites. Instead of criticizing others’ efforts go out and get a .mobi domain name relevant to a topic or area you enjoy. (Compared to .com and other older domain extensions, there are many great domain names available to register or on the aftermarket for very reasonable prices.) And then develop it into a mobile website and showcase your creativity and knowledge on the mobile web. I’m sure that you will find it very satisfying.

    FYI sites for more info:

  4. Paul says

    I can understand why you may feel this site is underwhelming, but it serves it’s purpose and connects users to relevant services with a few clicks without needing to type in “local taxis ‘cityname'” at Google. It may be different in various geographic locations but after testing several of the links, I never once saw a “sponsored links” ad on the google pages.